Laura Tyley Testimonial

Karen Baney taught me English for GCSE and, it’s safe to say, I wouldn’t have passed without her! She was an incredible teacher who gave every student the time and patience they required. She made learning unbelievably interesting which was a huge help during exams.

Ollie Short Testimonial

During my GCSE English studies, Karen Baney provided me with her expert guidance and skills to help me excel and strive during the course and beyond. Her approach to teaching is always entertaining and engaging, whilst full of crucial learnings and analytical tools to be able to push myself above and beyond. I exceeded my expectations in the exams and I would not hesitate to recommend her!

Dom Stephens Testimonial

Karen is an incredibly warm, knowledgeable and nurturing teacher who made my A-Levels experience a joyful one. With her guidance, you won’t just to be able to excel at subjects, you’ll fall in love with them.

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