Poetry Anthology and Unseen Poetry

Power & Conflict
Power & Conflict
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Have a look at our most frequently asked questions and if you still have any concerns or do not find an answer, feel free to send me an email.

My daughter has missed a lot of school. Can she pass the exam with just this course?

Yes. The course covers everything she should know to get a good pass in the GCSE exam.

Can I work with my son to help him catch up?

Yes. You should be able to ‘act as the teacher’ using the materials provided and help your child by discussing each step with them. There are assessment and level sheets to assess as you go. 


Can I use this course instead of getting my child a weekly tutor which is much more expensive?

Yes. I will provide all the materials. I have been teaching English for over 35 years, so I know how to help students pass the GCSE and I am known for being THE teacher who gets the best results in the examinations. I have a lot more experience in getting students a good result than most tutors, so I will be able to use my expertise to boost their confidence and their performance.


Will students get support during the course?

 Students can keep in touch with me by email. They will also hear from me in group Q&A sessions each week on a Wednesday evening at 8pm. They will be invited to a private group where they can share work and get support from other students and me.



Can I book extra one to one tutoring for my child?

Yes. There are some tutoring slots available at extra cost. 



Can I use this for a home- schooling course?

Yes. There are all the materials provided, as well as revision and past paper practice, but you will need to book your child into a nearby Examination Centre to actually sit the examination.



Can I take this course if I am re-taking the GCSE?

Yes. There are all the materials provided, as well as revision and past paper practice. However, you will need to check that you are booked in to take the examination by your school or a nearby Examination Centre.