Dear Parents,

I have helped students from all backgrounds and abilities to succeed at English.

English is such an important GCSE to have in the bag. If your sons or daughters follow the lessons and complete the workbooks, with your encouragement, they will find it is quite simple to improve their skills and excel in the examination.

Expert English Teacher is an online GCSE English tutoring service. My goal is to provide high quality online teaching in clear and straightforward video lessons. I believe every child should have access to high quality teaching and support to maximise their chances of success in GCSE English. For a fraction of the cost of a private tutor, Expert English Teacher provides high quality lessons and materials from an experienced, successful and proven specialist with over 35 years teaching in the UK. You can also book one to one zoom tutor sessions with me for an extra cost.

Expert English Teacher can be used to complement school lessons, support homeschooling, reinforce prior learning, help revision programmes and guide ‘re-sit’ students to success.

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” ~ Maya Angelou

How you can help your child…

Enjoy taking an interest in their progress by talking to them about how they are finding the course and emailing me with any questions

Help them get organized - printing out the workbooks and resources from the lessons and keeping them in an A4 folder would be a good idea.

Look at their work and watch and discuss some of my video lessons with them checking their understanding as you go.

Help with monitoring their progress. Look at the self-assessment sheets with them and decide where they sit in the levels. Do this at the beginning of the course, in the assessment lessons, and at the end of the course.

Students I guided

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I can get inside the examiner’s head, but I can also get inside your head and give you the formula of exactly what to put into your exam paper. 

I can show you how to use exam techniques to your advantage and boost your confidence to do this! You don’t want to fail and be constantly worrying about retakes. 

If you let me help you, we can nail the pass together. 

Soon you will be moving on to the sixth form, college or University with your GCSE English grade held high!